SEALs On Security’s agents all possess real life experience protecting a variety of clientele,  including billionaires, multi-millionaires and foreign diplomats and dignitaries.  Our agents have completed the most physically and mentally demanding military training in existence, and have also been called upon for some of the most elite and classified national security missions. Our agents are all young, fit and extremely intelligent individuals who will provide a diverse array of security options that are best suited for you and your family.

Selecting the right security personnel for you and your family can be an intricate and complex process. SEALs On Security offers you the opportunity to hand pick agents from the world’s finest.  If you opt for a long term security solution, we also offer the option of spending several days with the agent(s) of your choice to establish the trust needed for a successful, long-term association.

While on the SEAL Teams, our agents were assigned the duty of protecting some of the world's most influential politicians, diplomats and dignitaries.  Our agents have not only received the most elite Executive Protection training in the world, but they have also proven their skills and expertise outside of a theoretical training environment. This experience and caliber of personnel is simply unmatched by any other security firm.

Executive Protection Services Include:

  • Estate/Family Protection-  Personal protection agent(s) provided at your place of residence and/or as a family escort.

  • Travel Advisory & Risk Analysis- Our agents can provide guidance and evaluation for domestic and international travel, including utilizing advance teams and providing expert SEAL analysis.
  • Standard Operating Procedures- We will provide SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) for ANY emergency situation, so you and your family have a reliable plan in the event of an attack. SOPs include evacuation plans during fires, earthquakes, shootings, kidnappings and attacks.
  • Driving Services-  All of our agents are certified in evasive driving and can provide driving services with or without an executive protection package. 
  • Special Events- Our agents can provide security to all “Red Carpet Events,” parties, sporting events, public or political appearances, etc.  We specialize in both discreet and overt styles of protection.
  • Surveillance- We can provide state of the art security systems and surveillance options for business and residential uses.
  • Counter-Surveillance/Debugging- We also can protect you from being watched or recorded.  We use counter surveillance and debugging equipment to ensure your privacy and safety.
  • Self Defense Training-  We offer our clients the ability to train and learn covert Navy SEAL self defense and close quarter combat techniques to help protect themselves.