1. What are the advantages of hiring an Executive Protection firm, rather than sub-contracting?

Liability and peace of mind.  Using a trusted security firm gives you protection from lawsuits resulting from the potential use of lethal force.  SEALs On Security also guarantees you a specific caliber of agents, not offered by other firms.

2. Why not hire off-duty or ex-Law Enforcement officers?

Law Enforcement Academy training does not focus on preventing crimes or attacks.  Their training focuses on responding to crimes after they occur and apprehending criminals.  Most Law Enforcement officers have no Executive Protection training. 

3. Why not hire uniformed security guards or officers?

Security guards and officers simply do not have the training required to perform effective Executive Protection.  The only requirement to become a security guard is to complete 40 hours of training.  A security guard’s primary responsibility is to observe and report, not to prevent or protect.

4. Are guns important or necessary for high level personal protection?

No. Experienced Executive Protection teams should not be dependent on having a gun or weapon.  SEALs On Security, similar to the US Secret Service, follow the philosophy of  “cover and evacuate” the principle, rather than stand and fight back.  Over the past 40+ years, the Secret Service has never had to draw a weapon during protection detail of the President of the United States.  The same can be said for SEALs On Security.

5. What makes SEALs On Security different than all other firms?

The caliber and experience of protection agents we provide is simply unmatched by all other firms.  Our Navy SEAL agents have not only had the world’s best and most extensive training, but they have also proven themselves in REAL-LIFE situations. There are few firms, if any, that can offer this priceless experience and expertise. Our agents have all received the same extensive Executive Protection training as the US Secret Service and have been called upon for some of the world’s most important missions. 

6. How will I transition from my existing security?

After completing a site survey to assess any specific threats, as well as examine existing security, SEALs On Security will offer an expert opinion on a revised security solution, including number of agents, addition of security cameras, etc.  Our team will also provide you with SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for any emergency situation.  This plan will be designed for both family and other staff members of the estate.

7. Are other services offered with Executive and Estate Protection?

Clients who opt for long-term Executive Protection or estate security solutions have access to the vast majority of services offered by SEALs On Security, including International Travel Advisory and Protection, Driving Services and Maritime/Anti-Piracy Services.  Additionally, clients may also take advantage of various trainings offered by our agents, including SEAL Self-Defense, Shooting/Weapons Training, Health and Fitness advice and Evasive Driving Services.

8. How much does the service cost?

SEALs On Security is proud to offer an industry best in personnel.  Our team will conduct a complimentary security consultation and site review to determine the services we feel will keep you and your family most secure.  Afterwards, we will present a proposal based on the scope of work required.