The tremendous success rate of the missions carried out by Navy SEALs can partially be attributed to the detailed planning and organization surrounding every operation.  Navy SEALs are all proficient planners and threat assessors, and they can provide the same level of expertise for your day-to-day events and lifestyle.

  • Risk Analysis- Our agents will provide a detailed assessment of any possible protection and security threats and risks you may be facing.
  • Standard Operating Procedures- We will provide SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) for ANY emergency situation, so you and your family have a reliable plan in the event of an attack. SOPs include evacuation plans during fires, earthquakes, shootings, kidnappings and attacks.
  • Threat Assessment- Our agents will provide a detailed analysis of any potential threat and discuss possible outcomes and situations with you and your family.
  • Travel Advisory- The world is not a safe place, especially outside of the United States.  SEALs On Security can help create a safe and secure travel plan for both personal and corporate travel.  Our agents will provide a thorough evaluation of the country and specific location of travel to ensure a safe trip.
  • Training- SEALs On Security also offers training resources at personal and executive levels.